Is it time to take your training to the next level? No matter what stage you are already at, newcomer or seasoned pro, there's always room to step it up. Pre workouts can be the ultimate tool in taking you there, but we know how hard it can be to sort through the many choices out there. Our best advice is to ignore the claims and fancy labels and actually take a look at the ingredients. Below we are breaking down our pre workout JACKED JUICE, giving you all the ingredient information you need, before making the first, or next, step in getting jacked;




One of the main reasons to take a pre workout supplement is to increase your overall workout capacity, all pre workouts claim to do this but there is a big difference between 'feeling more energised' and 'having the right energy to increase performance' and this comes down to having the right ingredients at the right dosages. ​


Beta Alanine - One of the most highly researched pre workout ingredients on the market with hundreds of studies proving its benefits, more commonly known amongst lifters for giving you that tingling sensation moments after drinking. Keep reading though as there's a lot more to this powerful ingredient than 'just a feeling'. You go to the gym with the best intentions to work as hard as possible, only to be let down by fatigue and lactic acid build up in the muscle. Beta Alanine works in partnership with another amino acid called histidine to create carnosine. Carnosine then stores in your muscle preventing lactic acid accumulation, meaning you can push out those extra few reps. Your body naturally already has plenty of histidine but very low levels of Beta alanine, making this a vital part of our pre workout at 3.2g per serving. Not only increasing performance but also improving overall body composition as it has been shown to help in the reduction of bodyfat with increased hypertrophy.

​Betaine Anhydrous - We all remember Popeye, known for his crazy strength, giant forearms and of course... Spinach! This isn't just by chance, this is because spinach contains some of the highest levels of Betaine per gram. Once Betaine is in the body it works in two ways, firstly by increasing strength, power and endurance in the gym which accelerates muscle growth and fat loss. Secondly it helps to balance fluid levels in the body, keeping your body at the right hydration level for optimal performance and development.


​L-Taurine - Lets start by debunking the myth, this is not extracted from bull semen! The name comes from the Latin 'Taurus' meaning Ox or Bull. Does this mean it will make you as strong as an Ox or Bull? Unfortunately not, although it does have great benefits on muscular endurance as it helps to preserve electrolyte levels during training. Meaning you can keep pushing harder for longer. Another great benefit of Taurine is the reduction of muscle damage during intense weight training. Meaning less overall muscle damage and a faster recovery time.


​Caffeine Anhydrous - The quickest way to get that boost of energy. Perfect for pre workouts due to its increased performance in pretty much every sport, among those sports it has been known to be more beneficial in certain settings, with strength and power sports showing to be the highest increase in performance. We know it has great benefits for energy & performance but there is another, more important, reason as to why we include it in our pre workout. Keep reading to find out why!




You have probably heard the saying amongst the fitness community 'Chase the pump' we all love getting that pump in the gym making us feel like we are on top of the world. There are a lot more benefits though, as to why a good pump is more than just looking bigger for a few hours. We all do what we do for long term muscle growth, increasing Bloodflow around the body allows for all those important nutrients to get to the muscle you are working.


​Nitrosigine® - A patented complex of bonded arginine and silicon, Nitrosigine is one of our key ingredients at the higher end of 1g per serving, giving you insane immediate and long term results. We could of talked about this ingredient under any category as it delivers everything you want from a pre workout, but we find the benefits in regards to Pump & Bloodflow the most intense. Clinically shown to boost nitric oxide production more than most other 'pump' ingredients you can find, giving you superior Bloodflow and Vasodilation in working muscles. You will notice the cognitive effects of Nitrosigine in as little as 15 minutes and feel the pump effect build the harder you work, lasting up to 6 hours!


​Citrulline Malate (2:1) - Most pre workouts that claim to give you a good pump are often built around arginine compounds. For good reason, as Arginine is broke down into Nitric Oxide in the body creating great pumps and increased Bloodflow, hence why we include arginine compounds in our pre workout. Citrulline however is not a direct arginine compound, but the benefits on nitric oxide production are just as impressive. When you supplement with high levels of Citrulline you automatically increase blood arginine levels, so you can see why including both simultaneously has the greatest effects on Bloodflow and Vasodilation. Another important thing to look for here is the 'malate' some pre workouts include L-Citrulline as oppose to Citrulline malate. Malate serves as an important part in one of the ways your body produces energy. Getting a pump, added with increased energy, allows for even greater pumps, if your willing to put the effort in that is!​


AAKG (L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate) - Otherwise known as AAKG, has the main purpose as a cell volumizer, meaning it increases Bloodflow in the body, delivering important nutrients to the cells to increase their size, this is how you get 'The Pump' effect. AAKG has and continues to be very popular amongst bodybuilders due to the effects being maximised during high intensity hypertrophy training.




If you really want to make the most out of your time in the gym, you need to be in the right mindset. You need to be able to walk in that gym and forget any stresses of the day, with one goal in mind, to work harder than you did the previous day! … An often forgotten issue that is faced in the gym is not being able to 'get in the zone' people can sometimes get too caught up on needing to have a load of energy or chasing the pump, all of this is pointless if your focus isn't right.


Huperzine A - Found often in gaming supplements but becoming more popular amongst athletes and bodybuilders, Huperzine A is a nootropic that is used to enhance cognitive function, it has the ability to easily cross the blood-brain barrier to improve mental energy. Keeping your mind strongly focused on your training goals. Huperzine A assists with the growth of something called Acetylcholine which is an important neurotransmitter that helps your muscles contract, allowing you to really focus on whatever muscle it is you are trying to exercise.


​Mucuna pruriens - There's nothing better than feeling great in the gym. A good mood can boost your energy levels, help you push out more reps and keep you focused on your goals. With the high-stress environment that we are all accustomed to these days, it can often feel impossible to focus once we are in the gym. Mucuna Pruriens plays a vital role in our pre workout as it contains high levels of L-Dopa, which rapidly increases the feel good hormone Dopamine. As well as making you feel great, dopamine can also improve your overall motivation and mental alertness which can have great benefits on your training.


​Caffeine Anhydrous - As promised, lets talk about this some more. Caffeine Anhydrous is a lot more than just a quick boost of energy. Caffeine influences certain neurotransmitters (the bodies chemical messengers in the nervous system) the main ones being; Acetylcholine for muscle contraction, Epinephrine for the adrenaline rush, Serotonin as a mood stabilizer and Dopamine to make you feel amazing and increase motivation. Using Caffeine correctly in conjunction with the other ingredients that are found in our pre workout will really give you that edge in the gym.




To Really make the most out of the amazing ingredients found in Jacked Juice then you need to make sure your body is primed to absorb as much of the ingredients as possible. Simply put, the more you absorb the better it works! Most pre workouts will either ignore absorption completely or just include one ingredient at a low dose. Luckily for you we aren't taking any chances, we have included two of the most researched patented ingredients that are proven to increase absorption rates in the body.


​Astragin™ - Clinical studies have shown that Astragin can increase absorption by up to; 62% (amino acids) , 57% (glucose) , 50% (vitamins) with other benefits showing an increase in both insulin sensitivity and ATP production. This will have a great benefit on all aspects of your training but mainly on Nitric oxide production within the muscles.


​Bioperine® - A bioavailability enhancer extracted from black pepper fruits (piper nigrum) has been shown to enhance the absorption of nutrients by at least 30%, allowing for an increase in active nutrient transport. With a good diet and a good pre workout you will not only see the immediate effects of what Bioperine has to offer in regards to your training, but also on your long term results due to transporting nutrients into the muscle.




When taking pre workout your body is working  in overdrive, you are putting in extreme effort and you feel amazing, the last thing you want is for this feeling to end. You may have found that with some pre workouts you can crash after a workout, or worse... during! We have specifically chosen our ingredients to make sure the effects of the pre workout can last for a long time, allowing for a slow regress back to normal rather than a sudden crash. Such as Nitrosigine lasting up to 6 hours and nootropics that can stay effective for the whole day. The main ingredient that can cause a crash is Caffeine due to its direct effect on neurotransmitters, we have added an ingredient that has great benefits on preventing this.


​L-Theanine - An amino acid, most commonly found in Green Tea, L-Theanine has many benefits within our pre workout. Alone it works as a Nootropic that enhances cognitive function and creates a feeling of calmness, supporting focus and concentration. You may wonder what benefits you can get from including an ingredient like this alongside caffeine, as they have somewhat polar effects on the body. However L-theanine and Caffeine don't simply just cancel each other out, instead they are actually the perfect pairing for a pre workout. Both ingredients work in synergy, being able to further enhance the energy and motivation taken from caffeine, which is balanced throughout your workout due to the calming, nootropic effects of L-Theanine. Negating any 'pre-workout jitters' you may have come across before.